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Luftaufnahme September 2009The picture above is a photo Zentralklinik in Bad Berka. You can see that it is a large 500+ bed complex, but fortunately those seeking PRRT there will only have to be concerned with the main building and a few of the nearby buildings. Most of the buildings are connected by sheltered walkways.



Below is the main entrance.


When you enter the front entrance to the medical center you will be in the central lobby – a large atrium style space that is quite elegant.

Eingangshalle 2

From the lobby area you will see that ahead of you and to the right is a central Reception Area. This is where you go for the first step of your check-in process.


Go to the reception desk and give them your name and tell them you are there for Dr. Baum's treatment. Typically they have a file with your information prepared. They call your medical file your MAP.

The next area you will go to is the Finance Department/Cashier. It is located adjacent to the Reception Area. Patients are asked to make all financial arrangements as they check in to the Klinik. This means paying your bill ahead of time. See the section under Patient Info about Payment for Treatment for more details. Some people pay for their treatment ahead of time, but if you have done that, you will still need to sign some documents and do some paperwork at Finance before moving on.


There are other areas in and around the central lobby that you will become familiar with during your stay. Below are photos of some of those areas. Click here for the hours of business of the places below.

The Café / Espresso Bar, Mini-Market, Bookstore/Newstand and florist are all located in the lobby.



A short video on entering the Klink