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RoomInWard-revPatient Rooms

Patient Rooms are very basic, but comfortable. Each room has a small eating area where meals can be taken. Each room has a cart with two types of water – mineral with carbonation and mineral without carbonation. The mineral without carbonation is more like the Evian brand that Americans are familiar with.  Patients are instructed to drink from 3-5 liters of water per day once PRRT is administered. See the Patient Info section for more details.




StorageAreaAs you can see above each room has two storage areas, one for each patient in the room. The storage area has some shelves for clothing and an area for storing small pieces of luggage such as a regulation size Rollie Bag. The bathroom (also above) is basic but is very functional.

This is a photo is of a patient in his room as he received his first PRRT in December of 2010. He has his IV hooked to the white box that dispenses the radionuclide for treatment. His blood pressure was continuously monitored during the treatment.JimMannett-PRRT-rev


Each room has a private bathroom for the patients in that room. It is small, but has all the essentials. In addition, each bed has an entertainment station that includes a TV, radio and phone. All channels and stations are in German. This is another good reason to bring your computer, iPad/tablet or iPod for entertainment and communication as wifi access on the Ward is good, although you may need to ask the staff tfor the passcode to logon the system. 


This is the scanning room. After a PRRT the patient is scanned at particular intervals to track the absorption of the isotope in the tumors. The scanning room is located near the entry doors to the Ward and the Nurses Station.