Tourist Information Office -- There is a tourist information office located on one corner of the Market Platz across from the Weimar Town Hall. On one side of the building front is the entrance to  the Tourist Office and on the other is the entrance to a travel agency. In the Tourist office they do speak some English, at least enough for you to get information about bus tours of Weimar,  walking tours given in English and the wonderful museums to be visited . There are brochures and books available too, but, as would be expected, only in German.  While most tours are in German, there often are audio tours in English available for some tours and at some museums.  Some of the featured places to visit include: The Weimar Castle, The Schiller Home, The Goethe Home, the Bauhaus Museum, and the Liszt Museum.

English Speaking Tour Guide for Weimar - There is a free-lance tour guide we have used in Weimar who we can highly recommend.  Her name is Ann Wedekind, click here to contact her. You can download her business card here.  Ann is an accomplished PhD student with academic credentials in German literature, history and culture. She is writing her dissertation on Friedrich Schiller plays. She speaks English, French, Italian and, of course, German -- with some Latin thrown in for good measure. Ann is qualified to lead tours through the City of Weimar and guide tours through the local museums for the Classic Foundation of Weimar.  Ann's motto is -  "I even guide camels through the eye of a needle" and is derived from an old German proverb --  the meaning of which you will have to ask Ann yourself, when she takes you on a tour!

You can contact Ann directly by email (or by phone when you are in Weimar). Ann normally charges 35 Euros per hour for a walking tour and she usually conducts a two hour walking tour of the main historical attractions in Weimar.

Ann was kind enough to provide us with a brief guide to places to go near Bad Berka. Click here for that information.

Saturday Open-Air Market - on most Saturdays there are a number of open-air stalls to be found at the Market Platz in front of the Elephant Hotel and the Town Hall. There are stalls with local crafts, fruits and vegetables, well-known regional (Thuringen) bratwurst on a bun, and other foods.

Schiller Street - this street in the old town is a picturesque avenue that is names for Friedrich von Schiller who lived on the street from 1802 until his death in 1805. When the weather is nice it is a great place to people watch in Weimar.


Schiller Street


The Ilm Park -- is a wonderful place to walk. A broad expanse of open park land with the River Ilm running through it. It is home to the Garden House used by Goethe.

17a CastleTower-Ilmpark