Places to Shop

T-Mobile Store - for German system cell phones and modems - This store T-Mobile/German Telekom retail store is located at the corner of Wieland Street and Geleit Street.  Several of the sales people speak English and they are very helpful if you want to purchase an inexpensive cell phone to use while in Germany on the German telecom systems.

Muller-StoreDrug Store/Target-like Store --- Muller (on Schiller Street). The main entrance to the Muller Store is located right on Schiller Street. This three story building has many of the same products that an American would find in a Target store. It is a combination drug store, household goods store and snack food store. This is a good place to buy water for taking to the Zentralklinik. The prices are better here than at most stores.

Grocery Store - on Wieland Street near T-Mobile store - If you are looking for some fresh foods in the way of fruits and vegetables, this small street-front store may be what you are looking for.

Market Square Stalls. On some days, especially the weekend days there is usually one or two stalls that open up to sell fresh fruits and vegetables. This is like the open air farmers' markets found in many American cities and towns, only on a smaller scale.











Atrium Mall - This is a multi-story shopping mall. There are many stores in the mall. This is similar to shopping malls across the US. For more info you can go to on Google and translate the pages to English.