Typically if you are going through the PRRT and check into the Zentralklinik on a Sunday, then you will be discharged sometime on a Friday. On that last day you normally go through one last gamma scan on the Nuclear Ward and then get the FDG PET/CT scan following that. Those results need to be seen by Dr. Baum before you will have your final consultation.

The final consultation with Dr. Baum usually takes about 40-50 minutes. During this time, the preliminary results of the PRRT are explained by Dr. Baum. This covers the PRRT and related scans as well as the FDG PET/CT scan. You are given a copy of the preliminary report and a CD with all the scan images included. Dr. Baum entertains all questions that patients have at this time and reviews the next steps once you go home.

In addition, if you are an American citizen, Dr. Baum will give you a letter from his office that you will need to have at the ready when you return to a US airport and go through security there. This letter details the kinds of nuclear/radioactive materials used in your diagnostics and your treatment, including dosage. See section on returning to the US.