Over 500 medical professionals attended the 2nd World Congress on Ga68 and Radiotherapy that was held in Chandigarh India, February 28 - March 2, 2013.  Over the course of 3 days over 100 presentations and posters were presented reflecting the current usage of Ga68 and PRRT around the world as well as new and exciting development that have taken place since the 1st world congress in 2011.  The abstracts for this conference as well as for the 22nd Singapore Nuclear Review are available free of charge at the World Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  

This congress saw advancement in using GA68 as a tracer for infection and inflammation as well as for receptor positive forms of breast and prostate cancer in addition to its use as a tracer for NET patients.  Guidelines for patient safety for outpatient LU177 treatment were presented by Fremantle Hospital in Australia.

Bill Claxton and Josh Mailman represented the patient population and gave well received presentation.

The conference video recording can be accessed at itr8 website.